2022 Pac-12 Football Schedule by Week and by Team

The 2022 Pac-12 Schedule is out, and we’ve put it altogether for you by week and by team. The slate of games for the season includes:

– Eight games against Power Five opponents outside of the Pac-12 and three against Notre Dame

– Four contests against teams that finished Top 5 in the 2021 final College Football Playoff rankings and six against teams in the Top 10.

– 10 games against non-Pac-12 teams that finished in the Top 25 in the 2021 final College Football Playoff rankings

– 13 games against Group of Five opponents and two games against BYU

The season kicks off with a Thursday game on September 1, when Arizona State hosts Northern Arizona.

Colorado will host TCU from the Big 12 on Friday, September 2, and the other 10 schools will open their season on Saturday, September 3.

(Game breakdown and summary courtesy Jim Thornby of the Pac-12 Conference.)

2022 Pac-12 Schedule by Week

Thursday, Sept. 1

ASU vs Northern Arizona

Friday, Sept. 2

Colorado vs TCU

Saturday, Sept. 3

Arizona at San Diego State
Cal vs UC Davis
Oregon vs Georgia (Atlanta)
Stanford vs Colgate
OSU vs Boise State
USC vs Rice
UCLA vs Bowling Green
Utah at Florida
WSU vs Idaho
Washington vs Kent State

Saturday, Sept. 10

Colorado at Air Force
Oregon vs Eastern Washington
OSU at Fresno State
USC at Stanford
UCLA vs Alabama State
WSU at Wisconsin
Washington vs Portland State
ASU at Oklahoma State
Arizona vs Mississippi State
Cal vs UNLV
Utah vs Southern Utah

Saturday, Sept. 17

Utah vs San Diego State
Colorado at Minnesota
Oregon vs BYU
OSU vs Montana State (Portland)
USC vs Fresno State
UCLA vs South Alabama
WSU vs Colorado State
Washington vs Michigan State
ASU vs Eastern Michigan
Arizona vs North Dakota State
Cal at Notre Dame
Stanford – Bye

Saturday, Sept. 24

Stanford at Washington
Arizona at Cal
Utah at ASU
Oregon at WSU
UCLA at Colorado
USC at Oregon State

Saturday, Oct. 1

Oregon State at Utah
Colorado at Arizona
Stanford at Oregon
Washington at UCLA
Cal at WSU

Saturday, Oct. 8

Utah at UCLA
Oregon at Arizona
Oregon State at Stanford
Washington at ASU
Cal, Colorado – BYE

Saturday, Oct. 15

Stanford at Notre Dame
Cal at Colorado
Arizona at Washington
WSU at Oregon State
USC at Utah
ASU, Oregon, UCLA – BYE

Saturday, Oct. 22

Colorado at Oregon State
UCLA at Oregon
Washington at Cal
ASU at Stanford
Arizona, USC, Utah, WSU – BYE

Saturday, Oct. 29

Utah at WSU
ASU at Colorado
Oregon at Cal
USC at Arizona
Stanford at UCLA
OSU, Washington – BYE

Saturday, Nov. 5

WSU at Stanford
Cal at USC
Arizona at Utah
Oregon State at Washington
Oregon at Colorado


Friday, Nov. 11

Colorado at USC

Saturday, Nov. 12

Stanford at Utah
Washington at Oregon
Cal at Oregon State
Arizona at UCLA

Saturday, Nov. 19

Stanford at Cal
WSU at Arizona
Oregon State at ASU
Colorado at Washington
Utah at Oregon

Friday, Nov. 25

Oregon at Oregon State
UCLA at Cal
ASU at Arizona

Saturday, Nov. 26

Utah at Colorado
Notre Dame at USC
Washington at WSU
BYU at Stanford

2021 Pac 12 Schedule by Team


Sept. 3—at San Diego State
Sept. 10—vs Mississippi State
Sept. 17—vs North Dakota State
Sept. 24—at Cal
Oct. 1—vs Colorado
Oct. 8—vs Oregon
Oct. 15—at Washington
Oct. 22—BYE
Oct. 29—vs USC
Nov. 5—at Utah
Nov. 12—at UCLA
Nov. 19—vs WSU
Nov. 25—vs ASU

Arizona State

Sept. 1—vs Northern Arizona
Sept. 10—at Oklahoma State
Sept. 17—vs Eastern Michigan
Sept. 24—vs Utah
Oct. 1—at USC
Oct. 8—vs Washington
Oct. 15—BYE
Oct. 22—at Stanford
Oct. 29—at Colorado
Nov. 5—vs UCLA
Nov. 12—at WSU
Nov. 19—vs Oregon State
Nov. 25—at Arizona


Sept. 3—vs UC Davis
Sept. 10—vs UNLV
Sept. 17—at Notre Dame
Sept. 24—vs Arizona
Oct. 1—at WSU
Oct. 8—BYE
Oct. 15—at Colorado
Oct. 22—vs Washington
Oct. 29—vs Oregon
Nov. 5—at USC
Nov. 12—at Oregon State
Nov. 19—vs Stanford
Nov. 25—vs UCLA


Sept. 2—vs TCU
Sept. 10—at Air Force
Sept. 17—at Minnesota
Sept. 24—vs UCLA
Oct. 1—at Arizona
Oct. 8—BYE
Oct. 15—vs Cal
Oct. 22—at Oregon State
Oct. 29—vs ASU
Nov. 5—vs Oregon
Nov. 11—at USC
Nov. 19—at Washington
Nov. 26—vs Utah


Sept. 3—vs Georgia (Atlanta)
Sept. 10—vs Eastern Washington
Sept. 17—vs BYU
Sept. 24—at WSU
Oct. 1—vs Stanford
Oct. 8—at Arizona
Oct. 15—BYE
Oct. 22—vs UCLA
Oct. 29—at Cal
Nov. 5—at Colorado
Nov. 12—vs Washington
Nov. 19—vs Utah
Nov. 25—at Oregon State

Oregon State

Sept. 3—vs Boise State
Sept. 10—at Fresno State
Sept. 17—vs Montana St.(Portland)
Sept. 24—vs USC
Oct. 1—at Utah
Oct. 8—at Stanford
Oct. 15—vs WSU
Oct. 22—vs Colorado
Oct. 29—BYE
Nov. 5—at Washington
Nov. 12—vs Cal
Nov. 19—at ASU
Nov. 25—vs Oregon


Sept. 3—vs Colgate
Sept. 10—vs USC
Sept. 17—BYE
Sept. 24—at Washington
Oct. 1—at Oregon
Oct. 8—vs Oregon State
Oct. 15—at Notre Dame
Oct. 22—vs ASU
Oct. 29—at UCLA
Nov. 5—vs WSU
Nov. 12—at Utah
Nov. 19—at Cal
Nov. 26—vs BYU


Sept. 3—vs Bowling Green
Sept. 10—vs Alabama State
Sept. 17—vs South Alabama
Sept. 24—at Colorado
Oct. 1—vs Washington
Oct. 8—vs Utah
Oct. 15—BYE
Oct. 22—at Oregon
Oct. 29—vs Stanford
Nov. 5—at ASU
Nov. 12—vs Arizona
Nov. 19—vs USC
Nov. 26—at Cal


Sept. 3—vs Rice
Sept. 10—at Stanford
Sept. 17—vs Fresno State
Sept. 24—at Oregon State
Oct. 1—vs ASU
Oct. 8—vs WSU
Oct. 15—at Utah
Oct. 22—BYE
Oct. 29—at Arizona
Nov. 5—vs Cal
Nov. 11—vs Colorado
Nov. 19—at UCLA
Nov. 26—vs Notre Dame


Sept. 3—at Florida
Sept. 10—vs Southern Utah
Sept. 17—vs San Diego State
Sept. 24—at ASU
Oct. 1—vs Oregon State
Oct. 8—at UCLA
Oct. 15—vs USC
Oct. 22—BYE
Oct. 29—at WSU
Nov. 5—vs Arizona
Nov. 12—vs Stanford
Nov. 19—at Oregon
Nov. 26—at Colorado


Sept. 3—vs Kent State
Sept. 10—vs Portland State
Sept. 17—vs Michigan State
Sept. 24—vs Stanford
Oct. 1—at UCLA
Oct. 8—at ASU
Oct. 15—vs Arizona
Oct. 22—at Cal
Oct. 29—BYE
Nov. 5—vs Oregon State
Nov. 12—at Oregon
Nov. 19—vs Colorado
Nov. 26—at WSU

Washington State

Sept. 3—vs Idaho
Sept. 10—at Wisconsin
Sept. 17—vs Colorado State
Sept. 24—vs Oregon
Oct. 1—vs Cal
Oct. 8—at USC
Oct. 15—at Oregon State
Oct. 22—BYE
Oct. 29—vs Utah
Nov. 5—at Stanford
Nov. 12—vs ASU
Nov. 19—at Arizona
Nov. 26—vs Washington

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