Updated All-Time Arizona Football Seasons

Arizona football has played 117 seasons dating back to 1899, with no games being played in 1906-07, 1918, and 1943-45, due to WWII.

The school joined the Pac-10 Conference in 1978 alongside rival Arizona State and became a member of the Pac-12 South Division when the Conference realigned in 2011.

The Wildcats have won six conference championships (including the 1993 Pac-10 title) and have made 21 bowl appearances, one of them a New Year’s Six Bowl.

They play their home games in Arizona Stadium on the university’s Tucson campus, which opened in 1939 and has a capacity of 50,782. The team is currently coached by Jedd Fisch.

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2021Pac-121110.083Jedd Fisch
2020Pac-12050.000Kevin Sumlin
2019Pac-12480.333Kevin Sumlin
2018Pac-12570.417Kevin Sumlin
2017Pac-12760.538Rich RodriguezFoster Farms Bowl-L
2016Pac-12390.250Rich Rodriguez
2015Pac-12760.538Rich RodriguezNew Mexico Bowl-W
2014Pac-121040.714Rich RodriguezFiesta Bowl-L
2013Pac-12850.615Rich RodriguezAdvoCare V100 Bowl-W
2012Pac-12850.615Rich RodriguezNew Mexico Bowl-W
2011Pac-12480.333Mike Stoops Tim Kish
2010Pac-10760.538Mike StoopsAlamo Bowl-L
2009Pac-10850.615Mike StoopsHoliday Bowl-L
2008Pac-10850.615Mike StoopsLas Vegas Bowl-W
2007Pac-10570.417Mike Stoops
2006Pac-10660.500Mike Stoops
2005Pac-10380.273Mike Stoops
2004Pac-10380.273Mike Stoops
2003Pac-102100.167John Mackovic
Mike Hankwitz
2002Pac-10480.333John Mackovic
2001Pac-10560.455John Mackovic
2000Pac-10560.455Dick Tomey
1999Pac-10660.500Dick Tomey
1998Pac-101210.923Dick TomeyHoliday Bowl-W
1997Pac-10750.583Dick TomeyInsight Bowl-W
1996Pac-10560.455Dick Tomey
1995Pac-10650.545Dick Tomey
1994Pac-10840.667Dick TomeyFreedom Bowl-L
1993Pac-101020.833Dick TomeyFiesta Bowl-W
1992Pac-10651.542Dick TomeySun Bowl-L
1991Pac-10470.364Dick Tomey
1990Pac-10750.583Dick TomeyAloha Bowl-L
1989Pac-10840.667Dick TomeyCopper Bowl-W
1988Pac-10740.636Dick Tomey
1987Pac-10443.500Dick Tomey
1986Pac-10930.750Larry SmithAloha Bowl-W
1985Pac-10831.708Larry SmithSun Bowl-T
1984Pac-10740.636Larry Smith
1983Pac-10731.682Larry Smith
1982Pac-10641.591Larry Smith
1981Pac-10650.545Larry Smith
1980Pac-10560.455Larry Smith
1979Pac-10651.542Tony MasonFiesta Bowl-L
1978Pac-10560.455Tony Mason
1977WAC570.417Tony Mason
1976WAC560.455Jim Young
1975WAC920.818Jim Young
1974WAC920.818Jim Young
1973WAC830.727Jim Young
1972WAC470.364Bob Weber
1971WAC560.455Bob Weber
1970WAC460.400Bob Weber
1969WAC370.300Bob Weber
1968WAC830.727Darrell MudraSun Bowl-L
1967WAC361.350Darrell Mudra
1966WAC370.300Jim LaRue
1965WAC370.300Jim LaRue
1964WAC631.650Jim LaRue
1963WAC550.500Jim LaRue
1962WAC550.500Jim LaRue
1961Ind811.850Jim LaRue
1960BIAA730.700Jim LaRue
1959BIAA460.400Jim LaRue
1958BIAA370.300Edward Doherty
1957BIAA181.150Edward Doherty
1956BIAA460.400Warren Woodson
1955BIAA541.550Warren Woodson
1954BIAA730.700Warren Woodson
1953BIAA451.450Warren Woodson
1952BIAA640.600Warren Woodson
1951BIAA650.545Robert Winslow
1950BIAA460.400Robert Winslow
1949BIAA271.250Robert Winslow
1948BIAA650.545Miles CasteelSalad Bowl-L
1947BIAA541.550Miles Casteel
1946BIAA442.500Miles Casteel
1942BIAA640.600Miles Casteel
1941BIAA730.700Miles Casteel
1940BIAA720.778Miles Casteel
1939BIAA640.600Miles Casteel
1938BIAA360.333Orian Landreth
1937BIAA820.800Tex Oliver
1936BIAA523.650Tex Oliver
1935BIAA720.778Tex Oliver
1934BIAA721.750Tex Oliver
1933BIAA530.625Tex Oliver
1932BIAA450.444Gus Farwick
1931BIAA351.389Fred Enke
1930Ind611.813J. F. "Pop" McKale
1929Ind710.875J. F. "Pop" McKale
1928Ind512.750J. F. "Pop" McKale
1927Ind421.643J. F. "Pop" McKale
1926Ind511.786J. F. "Pop" McKale
1925Ind331.500J. F. "Pop" McKale
1924Ind240.333J. F. "Pop" McKale
1923Ind530.625J. F. "Pop" McKale
1922Ind630.667J. F. "Pop" McKale
1921Ind720.778J. F. "Pop" McKale
1920Ind610.857J. F. "Pop" McKale
1919Ind710.875J. F. "Pop" McKale
1917Ind320.600J. F. "Pop" McKale
1916Ind530.625J. F. "Pop" McKale
1915Ind530.625J. F. "Pop" McKale
1914Ind410.800J. F. "Pop" McKale
1913Ind220.500F. A. King
1912Ind310.750Ray L. Quigley
1911Ind311.700George F. Schipp
1910Ind5001.000George F. Schipp
1909Ind310.750H. B. Galbreath
1908Ind5001.000H. B. Galbreath
1905Ind520.714WM. M. Ruthrauff
1904Ind312.571Orin A. Kates
1903Ind2001.000Orin A. Kates
1902Ind5001.000Leslie Gillett
1901Ind410.800William Skinner
1900Ind310.750William Skinner
1899Ind111.500Stewart F. Forbes

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