Updated All-Time Cal Football Seasons

Cal football has played 127 seasons dating back to 1886, with no games being played in 1889 and from 1906-1914, when rugby was played instead.

The Bears are currently coached by Justin Wilcox, who was given a contract extension through 2027 on January 20, 2022.

Cal has won five NCAA recognized national titles, in 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, and 1937 and 14 conference championships, the last one coming in 2006.

The Bears have also played two of the oddest and most memorable plays in college football: Roy “Wrong Way” Riegels’ fumble recovery at the 1929 Rose Bowl and The Play kickoff return in the 1982 Big Game.

Memorial Stadium was built to honor Berkeley alumni, students, and other Californians who died in World War I and modeled after the Colosseum in Rome.

It has been named one of the top college football stadiums by various publications, and it is also listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The stadium is located on the Hayward Fault, which passes directly under the playing field, nearly from goal post to goal post.

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2022Pac-12Justin Wilcox
2021Pac-12570.417Justin Wicox
2020Pac-12130.250Justin Wilcox
2019Pac-12850.615Justin WilcoxRedbox Bowl-W
2018Pac-12760.538Justin WilcoxCheez-It Bowl-L
2017Pac-12570.417Justin Wilcox
2016Pac-12570.417Sonny Dykes
2015Pac-12850.615Sonny DykesArmed Forces Bowl-W
2014Pac-12570.417Sonny Dykes
2013Pac-121110.083Sonny Dykes
2012Pac-12390.250Jeff Tedford
2011Pac-12760.538Jeff TedfordHoliday Bowl-L
2010Pac-10570.417Jeff Tedford
2009Pac-10850.615Jeff TedfordPoinsettia Bowl-L
2008Pac-10940.692Jeff TedfordEmerald Bowl-W
2007Pac-10760.538Jeff TedfordArmed Forces Bowl-W
2006Pac-101030.769Jeff TedfordHoliday Bowl-W
2005Pac-10840.667Jeff TedfordLas Vegas Bowl-W
2004Pac-101020.833Jeff TedfordHoliday Bowl-L
2003Pac-10860.571Jeff TedfordInsight Bowl-W
2002Pac-10750.583Jeff Tedford
2001Pac-101100.091Tom Holmoe
2000Pac-10380.273Tom Holmoe
1999Pac-10470.364Tom Holmoe
1998Pac-10560.455Tom Holmoe
1997Pac-10380.273Tom Holmoe
1996Pac-10660.500Steve MariucciAloha Bowl-L
1995Pac-10380.273Keith Gilbertson
1994Pac-10470.364Keith Gilbertson
1993Pac-10940.692Keith GilbertsonAlamo Bowl-W
1992Pac-10470.364Keith Gilbertson
1991Pac-101020.833Bruce SnyderCitrus Bowl-W
1990Pac-10741.625Bruce SnyderCopper Bowl-W
1989Pac-10470.364Bruce Snyder
1988Pac-10551.500Bruce Snyder
1987Pac-10362.364Bruce Snyder
1986Pac-10290.182Joe Kapp
1985Pac-10470.364Joe Kapp
1984Pac-10290.182Joe Kapp
1983Pac-10551.500Joe Kapp
1982Pac-10740.636Joe Kapp
1981Pac-10290.182Roger Theder
1980Pac-10380.273Roger Theder
1979Pac-10660.500Roger ThederGarden State Bowl-L
1978Pac-10650.545Roger Theder
1977Pac-8740.636Mike White
1976Pac-8560.455Mike White
1975Pac-8830.727Mike White
1974Pac-8731.682Mike White
1973Pac-8470.364Mike White
1972Pac-8380.273Mike White
1971Pac-8650.545Ray Willsey
1970Pac-8650.545Ray Willsey
1969Pac-8550.500Ray Willsey
1968Pac-8731.682Ray Willsey
1967AAWU550.500Ray Willsey
1966AAWU370.300Ray Willsey
1965AAWU550.500Ray Willsey
1964AAWU370.300Ray Willsey
1963AAWU451.450Marv Levy
1962AAWU190.100Marv Levy
1961AAWU181.150Marv Levy
1960AAWU271.250Marv Levy
1959AAWU280.200Pete Elliott
1958PCC740.636Pete ElliottRose Bowl-L
1957PCC190.100Pete Elliott
1956PCC370.300Pappy Waldorf
1955PCC271.250Pappy Waldorf
1954PCC550.500Pappy Waldorf
1953PCC442.500Pappy Waldorf
1952PCC730.700Pappy Waldorf
1951PCC820.800Pappy Waldorf
1950PCC911.864Pappy WaldorfRose Bowl-L
1949PCC1010.909Pappy WaldorfRose Bowl-L
1948PCC1010.909Pappy WaldorfRose Bowl-L
1947PCC910.900Pappy Waldorf
1946PCC270.222Frank Wickhorst
1945PCC451.450Buck Shaw
1944PCC361.350Stub Allison
1943PCC460.400Stub Allison
1942PCC550.500Stub Allison
1941PCC450.444Stub Allison
1940PCC460.400Stub Allison
1939PCC370.300Stub Allison
1938PCC1010.909Stub Allison
1937PCC1001.955Stub AllisonRose Bowl-W
1936PCC650.545Stub Allison
1935PCC910.900Stub Allison
1934PCC660.500William Ingram
1933PCC632.636William Ingram
1932PCC732.667William Ingram
1931PCC820.800William Ingram
1930PCC450.444Nibs Price
1929PCC711.833Nibs Price
1928PCC622.700Nibs PriceRose Bowl-L
1927PCC730.700Nibs Price
1926PCC360.333Nibs Price
1925PCC630.667Andy Smith
1924PCC802.900Andy Smith
1923PCC901.950Andy Smith
1922PCC9001.000Andy Smith
1921PCC901.950Andy SmithRose Bowl-T
1920PCC9001.000Andy SmithRose Bowl-W
1919PCC621.722Andy Smith
1918PCC620.750Andy Smith
1917PCC551.500Andy Smith
1916PCC641.591Andy Smith
1915Ind850.615James Schaeffer
1905Ind412.714J. W. Knibbs
1904Ind611.813James Hopper
1903Ind612.778James Whipple
1902Ind8001.000James Whipple
1901Ind901.950Frank Simpson
1900Ind421.643Addison Kelly
1899Ind711.833Garrett Cochran
1898Ind802.900Garrett Cochran
1897Ind032.200Charles P. Nott
1896Ind622.700Frank Butterworth
1895Ind311.700Frank Butterworth
1894Ind012.333Charles Gill
1893Ind511.786W. W. Heffelfinger
1892 FAInd211.625Thomas McClung
1892 SPInd420.667Thomas McClung
1886Ind621.722O. S. Howard

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