Jack Follman’s 2021 Pac-12 WR/TE Unit Rankings

The group is loaded with players who could emerge as the next generation of stars

Posted on June 9, 2021

  By Jack Follman, SportsPac12

It’s not a great year for Pac-12 receivers, but it’s a great year for the top few tight ends.

This is mostly a rebuilding year for this unit all across the Conference and other than the top two, I’m not overly confident in how good the rest of the group is.

With that said, it’s a deep group. I like the units all the way down to number 10 and there are tons of talented young players who could emerge as the next generation of star Pac-12 receivers.

1. USC
Bru McCoy | Rick Bowmer/AP

Wide Receivers: Drake London, Bru McCoy, KD Nixon, Gary Bryant Jr., John Jackson, Kyle Ford
Tight Ends: Erik Krommenhoek, Josh Falo, Jude Wolfe

The Trojans keep the Pac-12’s best unit despite losing Amon-Ra St. Brown and Tyler Vaughns.

It’s all about having the Conference’s clear best receiver in London, a crazy talented Number Two in McCoy, and endless talented depth with some solid veterans at tight end.

2. Oregon
Spencer Webb | Serena Morenes/The Oregonian

Wide Receivers: Devon Williams, Johnny Johnson, Jaylon Redd, Mycah Pittman, Josh Delgado, Troy Franklin, Dont’e Thornton
Tight Ends: Spencer Webb, Cam McCormick, DJ Johnson

The Ducks lack a proven star here like London, but their proven veteran depth and young injection of talent is really exciting.

Williams, Johnson and Redd are three of the most-proven pass catchers returning in the Conference, and I expect a blue chip freshman like Franklin or Thornton to make a flash impact.

They also have a good tight end unit led by the ready-to-break out Webb.

3. Washington
Terrell Bynum | The Athletic

Wide Receivers: Terrell Bynum, Rome Odunze, Jaelen McMillan, Ja’Lynn Polk, Giles Jackson
Tight Ends: Cade Otton, Devin Culp, Quentin Moore

The Huskies have a very unique blend at this unit.

At receiver, they have a proven veteran in Bynum, two blue chip second year players who flashed a bit in 2020 in Odunze and McMillan, and young transfers in Polk and Jackson, who showed a bit at major schools.

They also have possibly the best tight end in the nation in Otton.

It’s not an elite group, but it has a lot of potential.

4. Utah
Brant Kuithe| Steve Wilson/Utah Athletics

Wide Receivers: Britain Covey, Jaylen Dixon, Solomon Enis, Theo Howard, Devaughn Vele
Tight Ends: Brant Kuithe, Cole Fotheringham

The Utes have a nice group, led by Covey, who could be the best receiver in the Conference after London.

The rest of the group is good with interesting things they bring to the table, like elite speed with Dixon.

Utah has one of the best tight ends in the nation in Kuithe, a guy who can do a ton of things.

5. Washington State
Travell Harris | AP

Wide Receivers: Travell Harris, Renard Bell, Calvin Jackson Jr., Joey Hobert, Billy Pospisil

The Cougars don’t use tight ends, but just always seem to have a deep group of steady receivers who are deceptively good since the start of the Mike Leach years.

That looks to continue with Nick Rolovich.

This group is small, speedy, has good hands and is consistent. One of the most-reliable in the Conference.

Greg Dulcich | UCLA Athletics

Wide Receivers: Kyle Philips, Chase Cota, Deion Hurt, Matt Sykes, Logan Loya
Tight End: Greg Dulcich

Philips is a lot like Covey and could actually be the Pac-12’s second-best receiver going into the season as a speedy playmaker.

The rest of the receiver group has a lot to prove but has nice pieces, like the tall and talented Cota.

Dulcich was one of the best tight ends in the nation in 2020, and plays a lot like a receiver, giving a big boost to this group.

7. Colorado
Dimitri Stanley | Colorado Athletics

Wide Receivers: Brenden Rice, La’Vontae Shenault, Daniel Arias, Maurice Bell, Dimitri Stanley
Tight Ends: Brady Russell, Matt Lynch

Colorado has a group that I think will sneak up on a lot of people.

It’s young, talented, and deep with star potential.

Don’t be surprised if this is one of the best groups in the Pac-12 by the end of the season.

8. Arizona State
Curtis Hodges | Sun Devil Athletics

Wide Receivers: LV Bunkley-Shelton, Johnny Wilson, Ricky Pearsall, Bryan Thompson
Tight Ends: Curtis Hodges, Jaylin Conyers

The Sun Devil group is young but very talented and could easily be near the top of this list at the end of the season.

LBS and Wilson are guys who could be an excellent one-two punch, and Utah transfer Thompson is a good veteran to be injecting into the roster.

9. Stanford
Michael Wilson | Stanford Athletics

Wide Receiver: Michael Wilson, Elijah Higgins, Brycen Tremayne, John Humphreys, Bryce Farrell
Tight Ends: Tucker Fisk, Bradley Archer

A typical Stanford group lately.

Some big receivers who are pretty good but not exceptional and some blocking tight ends.

Not much else here.

10. Oregon State
Teagan Quitariano | Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Wide Receivers: Tre’Shaun Harrison, Trevon Bradford, Tyjon Lindsay, Jesiah Irish, Zeriah Beason
Tight Ends: Teagan Quitariano, Luke Musgrave

This is a great group for being number 10.

They have a group of speedy playmakers who have shown they can do good things, and I like their tight ends.

Jonathan Smith has a nice group to work with in Corvallis.

11. Cal
Kekoa Crawford | Cal Rivals

Wide Receivers: Kekoa Crawford, Trevon Clark, Nikko Remigio, Jeremiah Hunter, Monroe Young
Tight Ends: Jake Tonges, Gavin Reinwald

The Bears just haven’t had great receiver groups under Justin Wilcox.

They have some experience and talent here but some players will really have to progress to be much better than this.

12. Arizona
Bryce Wolma | MIke Christy/Arizona Daily Star

Wide Receivers: Stanley Berryhill III, Jamarye Joiner, Boobie Curry, Brian Casteel, Tayvian Cunningham
Tight Ends: Bryce Wolma

Don’t sleep on this group. It’s pretty good.

Berryhill and Joiner actually are pretty dangerous receivers.

This group just still has a lot to prove to be higher than this.

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