Jack Follman’s Top Post-Combine Pac-12 Draft Prospects

How Conference players have risen and fallen coming out of testing as we hit the home stretch

Posted on March 14, 2022

  By Jack Follman, SportsPac12

I did an updated Pac-12-focused mock draft after the Combine, but there’s a bigger picture past the First Round.

Below I look at how Pac-12 Draft prospects have risen and fallen coming out of testing as we hit the home stretch before the Draft.

This has been one of the more-interesting pre-Draft seasons I can remember with top prospects, so let’s see how they rank just a little over a month before the Draft.

Oregon DE/OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux | goducks.com via WFOD

1. Kayvon Thibodeaux, Defensive End, Oregon

Man, I don’t know if there’s ever been a more debated Pac-12 Draft prospect since maybe Ryan Leaf. Thibodeaux is a bit of a Rubix Cube to me. He’s had a lot of mystique since midway through high school.

He had some really good moments at Oregon, he tested well, and he’s an outspoken character whose stock has dropped after being constantly labeled as the top prospect in this year’s class during the season by the media.

Chatter around him suggests Devin Lloyd might sneak up on him for this top spot, but I don’t believe enough of it yet to do it.

Devin Lloyd | Chris Gardner/Getty Images

2. Devin Lloyd, Linebacker, Utah

Lloyd seems like the most-reliable Pac-12 prospect in the Draft. He had one of the best defensive seasons in recent conference history and he tested well—plus, it’s a very weak draft for his position.

He could go as high as well inside of the Top 10.

USC’s Drake London | usctrojans.com

3. Drake London, Wide Receiver, USC

He’s still in the conversation to be the first receiver taken and go as high as inside the Top 10.

He’s got range, though, as he could fall as far as the end of the first if teams view him as a bigger, slower receiver, which is the kind that has fallen out of favor in the NFL.

Washington’s Trent McDuffie | Alika Jenner/Getty Images

4. Trent McDuffie, Cornerback, Washington

His testing to me confirms he’s a late-First maybe early-Second type of player and not as high as the Top 10 where he was being teased a bit in pre-Combine time.

He seems like a super reliable pick though so I would be surprised if he gets out of the first round.

Kyler Gordon | Dean Rutz/Seattle Times

5. Kyler Gordon, Cornerback, Washington

Gordon was being teased as a guy who could climb up comfortably into the first round and test up to the top three in the conference as a prospect before running a 4.5 40.

Now I think he’s a guy whose size and jumping athleticism makes him a Second-Round pick at worst who maybe sneaks into the back of the first.

Drake Jackson | Paul Sancya/AP Photo

6. Drake Jackson, Linebacker, USC

He didn’t test much at the Combine, so he’s kind of stuck here for better or worse.

His pro day will be interesting because he’s a very nice prospect with good size and athleticism but who has some production questions coming out of college.

Greg Dulcich | UCLA Athletics

7. Greg Dulcich, Tight End, UCLA

He was already a sneaky good tight end prospect coming out of UCLA, and then he had a very good combine.

He now is in the conversation to be the first tight end taken in 2022.

Abraham Lucas | AP Photo

8. Abraham Lucas, Tackle, Washington State

The four-year stud from WSU made a huge statement by running a 4.9 40 at the Combine.

He’s one of the best OL prospects who isn’t projected yet to go in the First Round, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting talked about as a late-First-Round pick eventually.

ASU’s Kellen Diesch | Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

9. Kellen Diesch, Tackle, Arizona State

He did wonders for his NFL stock by running the second-fastest 40 of any offensive lineman, behind only Kentucky’s Dare Rosenthal, solidifying himself as a good chance at being a Second-Round pick at worst.

Like Lucas, he could also slip up into the First Round as he was really good in 2021.

Sean Rhyan | 247Sports

10. Sean Rhyan, Guard, UCLA

He was looking like maybe he could be a First-Round pick but he’s a little short and is likely going to be an interior lineman.

This probably pushes him down to being a Second-Round pick at best, especially after having some consistency issues at UCLA.

Arizona State’s Dohnovan West | Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

11. Dohnovan West, Center, Arizona State

He’s a solid prospect who has been really good at ASU for three seasons.

He’s a pure interior offensive lineman though so that limits his pro stock a little bit, making him a Second-Round pick at best.

Oregon’s Mykael Wright | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

12. Mykael Wright, Cornerback, Oregon

Wright didn’t do himself any favors running a high 4.5 40 at the Draft, which seems very slow for how fast he looked returning kicks during his career.

He has good size and physicality, though, and can help himself by being faster at his pro day.

Other Top Prospects

Cade Otton, Tight End, Washington

Verone McKinley III, Safety, Oregon

Otito Ogbonnia, Defensive Tackle, UCLA

Thomas Booker, Defensive Tackle, Stanford

Rachaad White, Running Back, Arizona State

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