Jack Follman’s Updated CFB Top 25 (Postseason)

Posted on December 22, 2020

  By Jack Follman, SportsPac12

Each week I give you my college football Top 25, with commentary on the Pac-12 teams I rank. Disagree? Let me know on Twitter @jackfollman.


1. Alabama (10-0)

2. Clemson (10-1)

3. Ohio State (6-0)

4. Notre Dame (10-1)

5. Texas A&M (8-1)

6. Indiana (6-1)

7. Cincinnati (9-0)

8. Florida (8-3)

9. Georgia (7-2)

10. Oklahoma (8-2)

11. Iowa State (8-3)

12. Northwestern (6-2)

13. Iowa (6-2)

14. North Carolina (8-3)

15. Miami (8-2)

16. NC State (8-3)

17. Texas (6-3)

18. Oklahoma St (7-3)

19. Oregon (4-2)

The Ducks didn’t put together the best regular season of any Pac-12 team with bad losses to Oregon State and Cal while also not looking rather impressive for the most part in their wins prior to the Championship Game. Still, the Ducks showed against USC what I think most Pac-12 followers would agree with: That, if given one game this season against another Pac-12 team, Oregon is probably the team most would pick to win against anyone. The past couple of weeks played out perfectly for Oregon after embarrassing back-to-back losses.


20. USC (5-1)

usc logoThe Trojans continue to be one of the most head-scratching programs in the nation. I have to note they were put in a terrible spot by the Pac-12 against a team that didn’t win their division who hadn’t played in two weeks, knowing most of the time they were either playing USC or no one. Meanwhile, USC was coming off their rivalry game Saturday night and didn’t know their opponent until this week. Still, the Trojans simply looked sloppy, unexcited, and outclassed against Oregon with a chance to win the conference and remain undefeated. The Clay Helton Era needs to end as quickly as possible.

21. Washington (3-1)

What a tough turn of events for Washington. They went from playing for the Pac-12 title to allowing Oregon to come in and win, and now the Huskies’ season is over. They lost the opportunity for a huge momentum push in a year where that was very hard to do, and instead ended the season with a thud. They still showed a good amount of reason for optimism for 2021, though, in their three wins.

22. Colorado (4-1)

The sting from an unimpressive loss to Utah still lingers on the Buffs since they weren’t able to play a game last weekend. Karl Dorrell gets a nice grade, though, for making the most out of this season and winning almost every game that was in front of them with an impressive offense.

23. Stanford (4-2)

This season was very close for the Cardinal to shockingly being a big one. They actually had the best record in the North division, going 3-1 with their only loss coming in their opener without Davis Mills. The David Shaw Cardinal still might not be dead. It will be very interesting to see how they come back in 2021.

24. Utah (3-2)

I really liked how Utah closed the season after losing their two openers to two of the conference’s best. They look like the same old Utah with maybe a little more offense now even and should be a team to watch in the South in 2021, especially if USC loses a lot of talent early to the 2021 NFL Draft, as anticipated.


25. Coastal Carolina (11-0)

On The Edge: BYU, Tulsa, Liberty, San Jose State, Louisana

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