Nick Bartlett’s Brash Week 9 Football Predictions

Posted on October 29, 2021

  By Nick Bartlett, SportsPac12

OK, so I bombed on a couple of big games last week.

I did not see the Beavers handling the Utes, or the Cougars losing to the other Cougars. Still, I came out a respectable 4-2, which makes me 13-7 over the past four weeks.

Damn, maybe I should start charging for these picks? Nick’s No-Nonsense Betting Tips. I like the sound of that!

This week, I’ve got three slam dunks for you and two close calls, plus an upset special. The last two are sure to make some folks unhappy, but what can I say?

I just pick ’em.

As always, my selections come with incredibly accurate game scores and just enough commentary to keep me from getting too many Cheetos crumbs on my laptop.

Arizona State 37, Washington State 21

WSU lost a golden opportunity to grab a victory to open the Jake Dickert Era last week, and it won’t get easier.

The Cougs travel to Tempe this Saturday where they run into an angry Sun Devils team coming off a bye after a loss against Utah.

Fortunately for ASU, they now find themselves tied with Utah on top of the South (though the Utes hold the tie-breaker) because of losses by UCLA, Utah, and well…every other team in the Division.

Bottom line, I’m taking the cheaters over the Cougars, in a contest that should be dubbed the “Fireball” bowl.

Devils by 16.

Oregon 42, Colorado 7

Oregon Ducks Logo Pac-12If you really need an explanation as to why the Ducks are going to win, you probably don’t follow Pac-12 football.

The Buffs’ offense is one of the worst units in the nation, averaging only 15.1 points per game, with the exception of the matchups against Northern Colorado and Arizona.

For reference, Oregon’s running back Travis Dye scored 24 points himself last week.

The real question isn’t who’ll win, but who’ll score more, Dye or the Buffs?

I got the halfback and the Ducks three dozen.

USC 38, Arizona 21

usc logoArizona football Pac-12If anyone were to lose a random game to the Wildcats this year, it would likely be USC.

Since Donte Williams took over, the Trojans are 1-2, with their only victory coming against Colorado. And that’s really terrible.

The Cats are coming off their best outing of the year, nearly knocking off Washington at home. UA actually held a lead at half, like forreal.

Unfortunately for Arizona, that halftime lead against the Dawgs may be the last time they are in front this year.

Trojans by 17.

California 24, Oregon State 17

VRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Fire up that Beaver third-down chain saw noise, OSU has arrived.

OSU’s victory last Saturday over Utah was probably the biggest of the Jonathan Smith Era.

However, I’m still not sold on Oregon state.

Cal is a team with a similar identity as the Beavs over the past few years, and Justin Wilcox probably understands that this game is paramount to saving his football-coaching life.

Here’s my upset special: Cal by seven.

[For more on the Beavers, check out my video show for this week.]

UCLA 31, Utah 24

Even though the Bruins lost to Oregon, I was thoroughly impressed by Jerry Azzinaro’s defensive scheme.

His random blitz packages are the type of defenses I hated to play against in Madden, and they are creating confusion among Pac-12 quarterbacks alike.

Fortunately for Utah, they’re led by Kyle Whittingham, who’s probably seen every defensive scheme imaginable over his 17 years in Salt Lake City.

Whitt will be prepared, but UCLA has the talent edge.

Bruins by seven.

Washington 20, Stanford 17

Washington football pac-12In this contest, we have two teams that don’t believe in the wideout position.

For Stanford, the only qualification to play receiver is being tall and running an end zone fade. All other skills not required.

For Washington, they literally had at least five of their wideouts transfer out of the program prior to the season, including their top two in receiving yards.

What we’re left with is an ugly defensive battle with a Cardinal team that isn’t very good at defense.

What a preview! Huskies by three.

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