Updated All-Time Oregon Football Seasons

Oregon football has played 126 seasons dating back to 1894, with no games being played in 1943 to 1944, due to World War II.

The Duck produced eight Consensus All-Americans, one Heisman Trophy winner, and 229 NFL Draft picks.

Oregon has played in two national championships games and eight Rose Bowls, winning four. UO is currently the winningest Pac-12 program in every five-year increment over the past 40 years.

The Ducks play their home games at the 54,000 seat Autzen Stadium in Eugene and has come to be known in recent years for their unique uniform style.

On December 11, 2021, Dan Lanning was named the 35th head coach at Oregon, replacing Mario Cristobal after his departure to become the head coach at the University of Miami.

Lanning, formerly the defensive coordinator at Georgia, signed a six-year, $29.1 million contract with the Ducks

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2022Pac-12Dan Lanning
2021Pac-121040.714Mario Cristobal
Bryan McClendon
Alamo Bowl-L
2020Pac-12430.571Mario CristobalFiesta Bowl-L
2019Pac-121220.857Mario CristobalRose Bowl-W
2018Pac-12940.692Mario CristobalRedbox Bowl-W
2017Pac-12760.538Mario Cristobal Willie TaggartLas Vegas Bowl-L
2016Pac-12480.333Mark Helfrich
2015Pac-12940.692Mark HelfrichAlamo Bowl-L
2014Pac-121320.867Mark HelfrichRose Bowl-W
CFB Championship-L
2013Pac-121120.846Mark HelfrichAlamo Bowl-W
2012Pac-121210.923Chip KellyFiesta Bowl-W
2011Pac-121220.857Chip KellyRose Bowl-W
2010Pac-101210.923Chip KellyBCS Championship-L
2009Pac-101030.769Chip KellyRose Bowl-L
2008Pac-101030.769Mike BellottiHoliday Bowl-W
2007Pac-10940.692Mike BellottiSun Bowl-W
2006Pac-10760.538Mike BellottiLas Vegas Bowl-L
2005Pac-101020.833Mike BellottiHoliday Bowl-L
2004Pac-10560.455Mike Bellotti
2003Pac-10850.615Mike BellottiSun Bowl-L
2002Pac-10760.538Mike BellottiSeattle Bowl-L
2001Pac-101110.917Mike BellottiFiesta Bowl-W
2000Pac-101020.833Mike BellottiHoliday Bowl-W
1999Pac-10930.750Mike BellottiSun Bowl-W
1998Pac-10840.667Mike BellottiAloha Classic-L
1997Pac-10750.583Mike BellottiLas Vegas Bowl-W
1996Pac-10650.545Mike Bellotti
1995Pac-10930.750Mike BellottiCotton Bowl-L
1994Pac-10940.692Rich BrooksRose Bowl-L
1993Pac-10560.455Rich Brooks
1992Pac-10660.500Rich BrooksIndependence Bowl-L
1991Pac-10380.273Rich Brooks
1990Pac-10840.667Rich BrooksFreedom Bowl-L
1989Pac-10840.667Rich BrooksIndependence Bowl-W
1988Pac-10660.500Rich Brooks
1987Pac-10650.545Rich Brooks
1986Pac-10560.455Rich Brooks
1985Pac-10560.455Rich Brooks
1984Pac-10650.545Rich Brooks
1983Pac-10461.409Rich Brooks
1982Pac-10281.227Rich Brooks
1981Pac-10290.182Rich Brooks
1980Pac-10632.636Rich Brooks
1979Pac-10650.545Rich Brooks
1978Pac-10290.182Rich Brooks
1977Pac-8290.182Rich Brooks
1976Pac-8470.364Don Read
1975Pac-8380.273Don Read
1974Pac-8290.182Don Read
1973Pac-8290.182Dick Enright
1972Pac-8470.364Dick Enright
1971Pac-8560.455Jerry Frei
1970Pac-8641.591Jerry Frei
1969Pac-8551.500Jerry Frei
1968Pac-8460.400Jerry Frei
1967AAWU280.200Jerry Frei
1966AAWU370.300Len Casanova
1965AAWU451.450Len Casanova
1964AAWU721.750Len Casanova
1963Ind830.727Len CasanovaSun Bowl-W
1962Ind631.650Len Casanova
1961Ind460.400Len Casanova
1960Ind731.682Len CasanovaLiberty Bowl-L
1959Ind820.800Len Casanova
1958PCC460.400Len Casanova
1957PCC740.636Len CasanovaRose Bowl-L
1956PCC442.500Len Casanova
1955PCC640.600Len Casanova
1954PCC640.600Len Casanova
1953PCC451.450Len Casanova
1952PCC271.250Len Casanova
1951PCC280.200Len Casanova
1950PCC190.100Jim Aiken
1949PCC460.400Jim Aiken
1948PCC920.818Jim AikenCotton Bowl-L
1947PCC730.700Jim Aiken
1946PCC441.500Tex Oliver
1945PCC360.333Tex Oliver
1942PCC260.250John Warren
1941PCC550.500Tex Oliver
1940PCC441.500Tex Oliver
1939PCC341.438Tex Oliver
1938PCC450.444Tex Oliver
1937PCC460.400Prink Callison
1936PCC261.278Prink Callison
1935PCC630.667Prink Callison
1934PCC640.600Prink Callison
1933PCC910.900Prink Callison
1932PCC631.650Prink Callison
1931PCC622.700Clarence Spears
1930PCC720.778Clarence Spears
1929PCC730.700John McEwan
1928PCC920.818John McEwan
1927PCC241.357John McEwan
1926PCC241.357John McEwan
1925PCC151.214Richard Smith
1924PCC423.611Joseph Maddock
1923PCC341.438Shy Huntington
1922PCC611.813Shy Huntington
1921PCC513.722Shy Huntington
1920PCC321.583Shy Huntington
1919PCC520.714Shy HuntingtonRose Bowl-L
1918PCC420.667Shy Huntington
1917PCC430.571Hugo Bezdek
1916PCC701.938Hugo BezdekRose Bowl-W
1915Ind720.778Hugo Bezdek
1914Ind421.643Hugo Bezdek
1913Ind331.500Hugo Bezdek
1912Ind340.429Louis Pinkham
1911Ind320.600Bill Warner
1910Ind410.800Bill Warner
1909Ind320.600Robert W. Forbes
1908Ind520.714Robert W. Forbes
1907Ind510.833Gordon Frost
1906Ind501.917Hugo Bezdek
1905Ind422.625Bruce Shorts
1904Ind530.625R. S. Smith
1903Ind421.643Warren Smith
1902Ind313.643Marion Dolph
1901Ind341.438Warren Smith
1900Ind331.643Lawrence Kaarsberg
1899Ind321.583Frank Simpson
1898Ind310.750Frank Simpson
1897Ind110.500Joe Smith
1896Ind210.667J. F. Frick
1895Ind4001.000Percy Benson
1894Ind121.375Cal Young/J.A. Church

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