Updated All-Time UCLA Football Seasons

UCLA football has played 103 seasons dating back to 1919.

The Bruins have been ranked in the top ten of the AP Poll at least once in every decade since the poll began in the 1930s.

UCLA’s first major period of success came in the 1950s, under head coach Red Sanders, who led the Bruins to the Coaches’ Poll national championship in 1954, three conference championships, and an overall record of 66–19–1 in nine years.

During the Terry Donahue era in the 1980s and 1990s, the Bruins compiled a 151–74–8 record, including 13 bowl games and an NCAA record eight straight bowl wins.

UCLA has produced 28 First-Round picks in the NFL Draft, 30 consensus All-Americans, and multiple major award winners, including Heisman Trophy winner Gary Beban.

The Bruins were the Pac-12 Conference South Division champions for two years and played Pac-12 Football Championship Games in both 2011 and 2012.

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2021Pac-12840.667Chip Kelly
2020Pac-12340.429Chip Kelly
2019Pac-12480.333Chip Kelly
2018Pac-12390.250Chip Kelly
2017Pac-12670.462Jedd Fisch
Jim Mora
Cactus Bowl-L
2016Pac-12480.333Jim Mora
2015Pac-12850.615Jim MoraFoster Farms Bowl-L
2014Pac-121030.769Jim MoraAlamo Bowl-W
2013Pac-121030.769Jim MoraSun Bowl-W
2012Pac-12950.643Jim MoraHoliday Bowl-L
2011Pac-12680.429Rick Neuheisel
Mike Johnson
Fight Hunger Bowl-L
2010Pac-10480.333Rick Neuheisel
2009Pac-10760.538Rick NeuheiselEagleBank Bowl-W
2008Pac-10480.333Rick Neuheisel
2007Pac-10670.462Karl Dorrell
DeWayne Walker
Las Vegas Bowl-L
2006Pac-10760.538Karl DorrellEmerald Bowl-L
2005Pac-101020.833Karl DorrellSun Bowl-W
2004Pac-10660.500Karl DorrellLas Vegas Bowl-L
2003Pac-10670.462Karl DorrellSilicon Valley Bowl-L
2002Pac-10850.615Bob Toledo
Ed Kezirian
Las Vegas Bowl-W
2001Pac-10740.636Bob Toledo
2000Pac-10660.500Bob ToledoSun Bowl-L
1999Pac-10470.364Bob Toledo
1998Pac-101020.833Bob ToledoRose Bowl-L
1997Pac-101020.833Bob ToledoCotton Bowl-W
1996Pac-10560.455Bob Toledo
1995Pac-10750.583Terry DonahueAloha Bowl-L
1994Pac-10560.455Terry Donahue
1993Pac-10840.667Terry DonahueRose Bowl-L
1992Pac-10650.545Terry Donahue
1991Pac-10930.750Terry DonahueSun Bowl-W
1990Pac-10560.455Terry Donahue
1989Pac-10371.318Terry Donahue
1988Pac-101020.833Terry DonahueCotton Bowl-W
1987Pac-101020.833Terry DonahueAloha Bowl-W
1986Pac-10831.708Terry DonahueFreedom Bowl-W
1985Pac-10921.792Terry DonahueRose Bowl-W
1984Pac-10930.750Terry DonahueFiesta Bowl-W
1983Pac-10741.625Terry DonahueRose Bowl-W
1982Pac-101011.875Terry DonahueRose Bowl-W
1981Pac-10741.625Terry DonahueBluebonnet Bowl-L
1980Pac-10920.818Terry Donahue
1979Pac-10560.455Terry Donahue
1978Pac-10831.708Terry DonahueFiesta Bowl-T
1977Pac-8740.636Terry Donahue
1976Pac-8921.792Terry DonahueLiberty Bowl-L
1975Pac-8921.792Dick VermeilRose Bowl-W
1974Pac-8632.636Dick Vermeil
1973Pac-8920.818Pepper Rodgers
1972Pac-8830.727Pepper Rodgers
1971Pac-8271.250Pepper Rodgers
1970Pac-8650.545Tommy Prothro
1969Pac-8811.850Tommy Prothro
1968Pac-8370.300Tommy Prothro
1967AAWU721.750Tommy Prothro
1966AAWU910.900Tommy Prothro
1965AAWU821.773Tommy ProthroRose Bowl-W
1964AAWU460.400Bill Barnes
1963AAWU280.200Bill Barnes
1962AAWU460.400Bill Barnes
1961AAWU740.636Bill BarnesRose Bowl-L
1960AAWU721.750Bill Barnes
1959AAWU541.550Bill Barnes
1958PCC361.350George Dickerson
Bill Barnes
1957PCC820.800Red Sanders
1956PCC730.700Red Sanders
1955PCC920.818Red SandersRose Bowl-L
1954PCC9001.000Red Sanders
1953PCC820.800Red SandersRose Bowl-L
1952PCC810.889Red Sanders
1951PCC531.611Red Sanders
1950PCC630.667Red Sanders
1949PCC630.667Red Sanders
1948PCC370.300Bert LaBrucherie
1947PCC540.556Bert LaBrucherie
1946PCC1010.909Bert LaBrucherieRose Bowl-L
1945PCC540.556Bert LaBrucherie
1944PCC451.450Babe Horrell
1943PCC180.111Babe Horrell
1942PCC740.636Babe HorrellRose Bowl-L
1941PCC551.500Babe Horrell
1940PCC190.100Babe Horrell
1939PCC604.800Babe Horrell
1938PCC741.625William Spaulding
1937PCC261.278William Spaulding
1936PCC631.650William Spaulding
1935PCC820.800William Spaulding
1934PCC730.700William Spaulding
1933PCC641.591William Spaulding
1932PCC640.600William Spaulding
1931PCC341.438William Spaulding
1930PCC350.375William Spaulding
1929PCC440.500William Spaulding
1928PCC441.500William Spaulding
1927SCIAC621.722William Spaulding
1926SCIAC530.625William Spaulding
1925SCIAC531.611William Spaulding
.188James Clline
1923SCIAC250.286James Cline
1922SCIAC231.417Harry Trotter
1921SCIAC050.000Harry Trotter
1920SCIAC050.000Harry Trotter
1919Ind260.250Fred W. Cozens

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