Updated USC All-Time Football Seasons

USC football has played 129 seasons dating back to 1888, with no games being played in 1890, 1892, and 1911 through 1913.

The USC football program has recorded more than 830 wins and claims 11 consensus Division I Football National Championships.

Moreover, the Trojans have logged 13 undefeated seasons, including eight perfect seasons, and 39 conference championships.

USC has also produced seven Heisman Trophy winners, 81 first-team Consensus All-Americans, including 27 Unanimous selections, and 510 NFL draft picks, the most all-time by any university.

The men of Troy have had 34 members inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, including former players Matt Leinart, O. J. Simpson, and Ronnie Lott, as well as former coaches John McKay and Howard Jones.

The Trojans boast 13 inductees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, tied for most of any school, including Junior Seau, Bruce Matthews, Marcus Allen, and Ron Yary.

USC has made 53 bowl appearances, 39 in New Year’s Six Bowls. The Trojans’ overall record of 34–19, gives USC the highest all-time post-season winning percentage of schools with 50 or more bowl appearances.

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2022Pac-12Lincoln Riley
2021Pac-12480.333Clay Helton
2020Pac-12510.833Clay Helton
2019Pac-12850.615Clay HeltonHoliday Bowl-L
2018Pac-12570.417Clay Helton
2017Pac-121130.786Clay HeltonCotton Bowl-L
2016Pac-121030.769Clay HeltonRose Bowl-W
2015Pac-12860.571Clay Helton
Steve Sarkisian
Holiday Bowl-L
2014Pac-12940.692Steve SarkisianHoliday Bowl-W
2013Pac-121040.714Clay Helton
Lane Kiffin
Ed Orgeron
Las Vegas Bowl-W
2012Pac-12760.538Lane KiffinSun Bowl-L
2011Pac-121020.833Lane Kiffin
2010Pac-10850.615Lane Kiffin
2009Pac-10940.692Pete CarrollEmerald Bowl-W
2008Pac-101210.923Pete CarrollRose Bowl-W
2007Pac-101120.846Pete CarrollRose Bowl-W
2006Pac-101120.846Pete CarrollRose Bowl-W
2005Pac-101210.923Pete CarrollRose Bowl-L
2004Pac-1013001.000Pete CarrollOrange Bowl-W
2003Pac-101210.923Pete CarrollRose Bowl-W
2002Pac-101120.846Pete CarrollOrange Bowl-W
2001Pac-10660.500Pete CarrollLas Vegas Bowl-L
2000Pac-10570.417Paul Hackett
1999Pac-10660.500Paul Hackett
1998Pac-10850.615Paul HackettSun Bowl-L
1997Pac-10650.545John Robinson
1996Pac-10660.500John Robinson
1995Pac-10921.792John RobinsonRose Bowl-W
1994Pac-10831.708John RobinsonCotton Bowl-W
1993Pac-10850.615John RobinsonFreedom Bowl-W
1992Pac-10651.542Larry SmithFreedom Bowl-L
1991Pac-10380.273Larry Smith
1990Pac-10841.654Larry SmithSun Bowl-L
1989Pac-10921.792Larry SmithRose Bowl-W
1988Pac-101020.833Larry SmithRose Bowl-L
1987Pac-10840.667Larry SmithRose Bowl-L
1986Pac-10750.583Ted TollnerCitrus Bowl-L
1985Pac-10660.500Ted TollnerAloha Bowl-L
1984Pac-10930.750Ted TollnerRose Bowl-W
1983Pac-10461.409Ted Tollner
1982Pac-10830.727John Robinson
1981Pac-10930.750John RobinsonFiesta Bowl-L
1980Pac-10821.773John Robinson
1979Pac-101101.958John RobinsonRose Bowl-W
1978Pac-101210.923John RobinsonRose Bowl-W
1977Pac-8840.667John RobinsonBluebonnet Bowl-W
1976Pac-81110.917John RobinsonRose Bowl-W
1975Pac-8840.667John McKayLiberty Bowl-W
1974Pac-81011.875John McKayRose Bowl-W
1973Pac-8921.792John McKayRose Bowl-L
1972Pac-812001.000John McKayRose Bowl-W
1971Pac-8641.591John McKay
1970Pac-8641.591John McKay
1969Pac-81001.955John McKayRose Bowl-W
1968Pac-8911.864John McKayRose Bowl-L
1967AAWU1010.909John McKayRose Bowl-W
1966AAWU740.636John McKayRose Bowl-L
1965AAWU721.750John McKay
1964AAWU730.700John McKay
1963AAWU730.700John McKay
1962AAWU11001.000John McKayRose Bowl-W
1961AAWU451.450John McKay
1960AAWU460.400John McKay
1959AAWU820.800Don Clark
1958PCC451.450Don Clark
1957PCC190.100Don Clark
1956PCC820.800Jess Hill
1955PCC640.600Jess Hill
1954PCC840.667Jess HillRose Bowl-L
1953PCC631.650Jess Hill
1952PCC1010.909Jess HillRose Bowl-W
1951PCC730.700Jess Hill
1950PCC252.333Jeff Cravath
1949PCC531.611Jeff Cravath
1948PCC631.650Jeff Cravath
1947PCC721.750Jeff CravathRose Bowl-L
1946PCC640.600Jeff Cravath
1945PCC740.636Jeff CravathRose Bowl-L
1944PCC802.900Jeff CravathRose Bowl-W
1943PCC820.800Jeff CravathRose Bowl-W
1942PCC551.500Jeff Cravath
1941PCC261.278Sam Barry
1940PCC342.444Howard Jones
1939PCC802.900Howard JonesRose Bowl-W
1938PCC920.818Howard JonesRose Bowl-W
1937PCC442.500Howard Jones
1936PCC423.611Howard Jones
1935PCC570.417Howard Jones
1934PCC461.409Howard Jones
1933PCC1011.875Howard Jones
1932PCC10001.000Howard JonesRose Bowl-W
1931PCC1010.909Howard JonesRose Bowl-W
1930PCC820.800Howard Jones
1929PCC1020.833Howard JonesRose Bowl-W
1928PCC901.950Howard Jones
1927PCC811.850Howard Jones
1926PCC820.800Howard Jones
1925PCC1120.846Howard Jones
1924PCC920.818Gus HendersonLos Angeles Christmas Festival-W
1923PCC620.750Gus Henderson
1922PCC1010.909Gus HendersonRose Bowl-W
1921Ind1010.909Elmer C. Henderson
1920Ind6001.000Elmer C. Henderson
1919Ind410.800Elmer C. Henderson
1918Ind222.333Dean B. Cromwell
1917Ind421.571Dean B. Cromwell
1916Ind530.625Dean B. Cromwell
1915Ind340.429Ralph Glaze
1914Ind430.571Ralph Glaze
1910Ind701.875Dean B. Cromwell
1909Ind312.500Dean B. Cromwell
1908Ind311.600William I. Traeger
1907Ind510.833Harvey R. Holmes
1906Ind202.500Harvey R. Holmes
1905Ind631.600Harvey R. Holmes
1904Ind610.857Harvey R. Holmes
1903Ind420.667John Walker
1901Ind010.000Clair S. Tappaan
1897Ind510.833Lewis R. Freeman
1888Ind2001.000Henry H. Goddard
Frank H. Suffel

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