Updated All-Time Utah Football Seasons

Utah football has played 129 seasons dating back to 1892.

The Utes have won 25 conference championships in five conferences during their history, and, as of the end of the 2021 season, they have a cumulative record of 691 wins, 469 losses, and 31 ties (.591).

The Utes have a record of 17–6 (.739) in major bowl games. Among Utah’s bowl appearances are two games from the Bowl Championship Series (BCS): the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

In the 2005 Fiesta Bowl, Utah defeated the Pittsburgh Panthers 35–7, and in the 2009 Sugar Bowl, they defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 31–17.

During those seasons, Utah was a member of the Mountain West Conference, whose champion does not receive an automatic invitation to a BCS bowl.

The Utes were the first team from a conference without an automatic bid to play in a BCS bowl game—colloquially known as being a BCS Buster—and the first BCS Buster to play in a second BCS Bowl.

The 2021 team earned both its first Pac-12 title and Rose Bowl appearance.

After a 26–17 loss to BYU, Utah posted an 8–1 record in conference play to win the South division before crushing Oregon 38–10 in the Pac-12 title game.

The table below includes season rundowns with Conference, W-L record, win percentage, coach, and bowl game, if any, for each year

2021Pac-121040.714Kyle WhittinghamRose Bowl-L
2020Pac-12320.600Kyle Whittingham
2019Pac-121130.786Kyle WhittinghamAlamo Bowl-L
2018Pac-12950.643Kyle WhittinghamHoliday Bowl-L
2017Pac-12760.538Kyle WhittinghamHeart of Dallas Bowl-W
2016Pac-12940.692Kyle WhittinghamFoster Farms Bowl-W
2015Pac-121030.769Kyle WhittinghamLas Vegas Bowl-W
2014Pac-12940.692Kyle WhittinghamLas Vegas Bowl-W
2013Pac-12570.417Kyle Whittingham
2012Pac-12570.417Kyle Whittingham
2011Pac-12850.615Kyle WhittinghamSun Bowl-W
2010MWC1030.769Kyle WhittinghamMaaco Bowl-L
2009MWC1030.769Kyle WhittinghamPoinsettia Bowl-W
2008MWC13001.000Kyle WhittinghamSugar Bowl-W
2007MWC940.692Kyle WhittinghamPoinsettia Bowl-W
2006MWC850.615Kyle WhittinghamArmed Forces Bowl-W
2005MWC750.583Kyle WhittinghamEmerald Bowl-W
2004MWC12001.000Kyle Whittingham Urban MeyerFiesta Bowl-W
2003MWC1020.833Urban MeyerLiberty Bowl-W
2002MWC560.455Ron McBride
2001MWC840.667Ron McBrideLas Vegas Bowl-W
2000MWC470.364Ron McBride
1999MWC930.750Ron McBrideLas Vegas Bowl-W
1998WAC740.636Ron McBride
1997WAC650.545Ron McBride
1996WAC840.667Ron McBrideCopper Bowl-L
1995WAC740.636Ron McBride
1994WAC1020.833Ron McBrideFreedom Bowl-W
1993WAC760.538Ron McBrideFreedom Bowl-L
1992WAC660.500Ron McBrideCopper Bowl-L
1991WAC750.583Ron McBride
1990WAC470.364Ron McBride
1989WAC480.333Jim Fassel
1988WAC650.545Jim Fassel
1987WAC570.417Jim Fassel
1986WAC290.182Jim Fassel
1985WAC840.667Jim Fassel
1984WAC651.542Chuck Stobart
1983WAC560.455Chuck Stobart
1982WAC560.455Chuck Stobart
1981WAC821.773Wayne Howard
1980WAC551.500Wayne Howard
1979WAC660.500Wayne Howard
1978WAC830.727Wayne Howard
1977WAC380.273Wayne Howard
1976WAC380.273Tom Lovat
1975WAC1100.091Tom Lovat
1974WAC1100.091Tom Lovat
1973WAC750.583Bill Meek
1972WAC650.545Bill Meek
1971WAC380.273Bill Meek
1970WAC640.600Bill Meek
1969WAC820.800Bill Meek
1968WAC370.300Bill Meek
1967WAC470.364Mike Giddings
1966WAC550.500Mike Giddings
1965WAC370.300Ray Nagel
1964WAC920.818Ray NagelLiberty Bowl-W
1963WAC460.400Ray Nagel
1962WAC451.450Ray Nagel
1961Skyline640.600Ray Nagel
1960Skyline730.700Ray Nagel
1959Skyline550.500Ray Nagel
1958Skyline470.364Ray Nagel
1957Skyline640.600Jack Curtice
1956Skyline550.500Jack Curtice
1955Skyline630.667Jack Curtice
1954Skyline470.364Jack Curtice
1953Skyline820.800Jack Curtice
1952Skyline631.650Jack Curtice
1951Skyline740.636Jack Curtice
1950Skyline343.450Jack Curtice
1949Skyline271.250Ike Armstrong
1948Skyline811.850Ike Armstrong
1947MSAC811.850Ike Armstrong
1946MSAC830.727Ike Armstrong
1945MSAC440.500Ike Armstrong
1944MSAC521.688Ike Armstrong
1943MSAC070.000Ike Armstrong
1942MSAC630.667Ike Armstrong
1941MSAC602.875Ike Armstrong
1940MSAC720.778Ike Armstrong
1939MSAC612.778Ike Armstrong
1938MSAC712.800Ike ArmstrongSun Bowl-W
1937RMC530.625Ike Armstrong
1936RMC630.667Ike Armstrong
1935RMC431.563Ike Armstrong
1934RMC530.625Ike Armstrong
1933RMC530.625Ike Armstrong
1932RMC611.813Ike Armstrong
1931RMC720.778Ike Armstrong
1930RMC8001.000Ike Armstrong
1929RMC7001.000Ike Armstrong
1928RMC502.857Ike Armstrong
1927RMC331.500Ike Armstrong
1926RMC7001.000Ike Armstrong
1925RMC620.750Ike Armstrong
1924RMC341.438Thomas Fitzpatrick
1923RMC430.571Thomas Fitzpatrick
1922RMC710.875Thomas Fitzpatrick
1921RMC321.583Thomas Fitzpatrick
1920RMC151.214Thomas Fitzpatrick
1919RMC520.714Thomas Fitzpatrick
1917RMC240.333Nelson Norgren
1916RMC320.600Nelson Norgren
1915RMC520.714Nelson Norgren
1914RMC330.500Nelson Norgren
1913RMC241.357Fred Bennion
1912RMC511.786Fred Bennion
1911RMC511.786Fred Bennion
1910RMC420.667Fred Bennion
1908Ind321.583Joseph Maddock
1907Ind630.667Joseph Maddock
1906Ind410.800Joseph Maddock
1905Ind620.750Joseph Maddock
1904Ind710.875Joseph Maddock
1903Ind340.429Harvey R. Homes
1902Ind521.625Harvey R. Homes
1901Ind310.750Harvey R. Homes
1900Ind220.500Harvey R. Homes
1899Ind210.333Charles Gatehouse
1898Ind210.333Benjamin Wilson
1897Ind150.167Mr. Cummings
1896Ind320.600C.B. Ferris
1895Ind010.000Walter Shoup
1894Ind120.333Robert Harkness

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